Wild and Willful Women Cast

Daniel Doss and I are pleased to announce that we’ve completed the cast for the first concert performance of our new musical, Wild and Willful Women, and we’ve had an exciting  first rehearsal. It’s great to hear our words and music finally come to life!  We couldn’t be happier about the quality of the cast we’ll be able to put on stage at the H&R Block City Stage at Union Station starting at 7:30 PM on Monday, October 29. Here’s our cast list:

Abigail- Daria LeGrand

Peter- Phillip Russell Newman

Rev. Sheppard- Paul Tranisi

Rebecca Bright- Judy Simmons

Alice- Linnaia McKenzie

Nathaniel Fox- Noah Whitmore

Will Sparrow- Paul Thomas

The ensemble includes:

Lena Andrews, Devon Barnes, Gail Bronfman Bunch, Elisa James, and Anita Meehan,

Bob Allen, Trevor Belt, Ross David Bunch, Spencer Carney, Brandon Golden, and John Stewart.

Janet Rogers of Tara Lane Productions is our producer, and our design staff includes: Sean Glass (lights designer); Michael Ong (projectionist/visual designer); and Marshall Simmons (Sound).

Daniel Doss, who composed all the music, will play keyboard and conduct from the stage.

I wrote the book and lyrics, and I’ll be in the audience.

Again, we hope you’ll be able to join us for this exciting, and free, first voyage.


Although tickets are free, we suggest you reserve seats through Union Station’s online box-office.

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